Welcome to RoshawnBurse.com

The creation of www.roshawnburse.com was driven by my desire to have a personal outlet–a place where I can connect with my fans and share exciting news and updates. I’m so thrilled to have a platform to tell my story, but most of all, to communicate with all of you in a meaningful way.

I’m Heading to Las Vegas

mariah-carey-vegasI am ready to head to Las Vegas to see the “Queen of R&B” Live from Caesar Palace.  A great time to see her live and enjoy the wonderful surroundings of Las Vegas from visiting all the wonderful hotels and great food and just loads of fun.


IMG_20141221_112851-1I would like to say welcome to my personal website  as you can see we are under construction but we will have everything straight in no time. I would love to take the time to really welcome you and to see my life as I follow my dream from my normal life and my life of traveling all over the country to really see  what really around the country. Pictures will be shared from my every day life and at events with wonderful people and getting in for the launch of my new t shirt line and launching new production to the whole world your never to old to try something new. This is the right time in life to follow your dream never be afraid of failure because you have to learn from mistakes.